My work is an exploration of energy, rhythm and movement. I seek to create an abstracted visual interpretation of a thought, feeling or idea through the interplay of color and form that is often interwoven and connected with line. I am intrigued with the power of the energetic and emotional response to the juxtaposition of various shapes and how color relationships can create a particular mood. Sometimes my work has a link to elements found in nature, and other times it is directly related to an idea or emotion. Most often, my process begins by spontaneously ‘making marks’ on the canvas. At some point, I usually connect to a specific thought or a particular emotion begins to take form. It is then that I spend time with the painting, meditate and write, and through an edit process, work to completion. My goal as a visual artist is to hold an unspoken dialogue with the viewer, evoke an emotional response, and create a connection — with the intention of touching that which is within that unites us all.